Confidentiality and Privacy

Question 6 (Minimum of 200 Words)

In this digital age, confidentiality, privacy, and ethical issues may arise. In the healthcare settings, healthcare professionals are becoming proficient in the use of technology, while at the same time they must always maintain high ethical and legal standards. In recent years, there have been escalating issues such as data breaches and unethical practices of healthcare professionals with social media, for example, which could result in violations of different laws such as HIPAA and also decrease trust in a healthcare organization. For this discussion, choose an article from the HIPAA Journal website. Synthesize ethical issues surrounding health information. Include the following aspects in the discussion: 1) Summarize the article. 2) Discuss with your peers the most important aspects of the article. 3) What was interesting about it, and what did you learn from it? 4) What information could have been added to the article?

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Confidentiality and Privacy
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