A local flowers & gifts shop is seeking to automate their order and delivery services. The shop
prepares and delivers flowers, gourmet candy boxes and gift basket (e.g. a combination of wine,
cheese, chocolate, buts etc.) for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and other
celebrated days (Mother’s Day, Fathers’ Day etc.). The shop also charges a fee to deliver these
items within the parish. The owner is seeking your assistance to develop an information system
that can manage the order and delivery process. The development is to be done on a phased
basis with specific requirements for each phase. Requirements may evolve with each additional
phase; however, your submission should only include the requirements specified for a
particular phase.
Part 1
Weighting: 10%

In this phase, your design should simulate the entry of one order/delivery by a customer, and
determine and display its cost. The available sizes and cost of items per gift type are specified
in the table below. Both flowers and gift baskets are delivered in a galvanized planter tub which
can also be personalized with the recipient’s name at an extra cost of $1800. A standard delivery
fee of $500 is applicable – note that each gift is delivered.

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Gift Code Gift Type Available Sizes Cost of Items
F Flowers One size $2500
G Gift Basket One size $3000
C Gourmet Candy (S)mall
Small – $1200
Medium – $1750
Large – $3500
Your program should:
Accept the purchaser’s name, telephone number, recipient’s name, gift code corresponding
to the type of gift required and delivery date. Also determine whether the gift is to include a
personalized label. If the gift type is Gourmet candy, the customer should select one of the
three available sizes types mentioned above.
Provide adequate and reasonable validation of non-string inputs, along with appropriate
error messages, to ensure a robust system. At this time, it is not required that you re-prompt
the user for valid input. Merely indicate through your program design and output if the entry
was successful or unsuccessful.
Determine the total value of the order (including delivery). Also apply GCT of 16.5% to this
Produce attractive output showing the purchaser’s name, recipient’s name, delivery date, gift

code, gift cost, personalization cost (if any), delivery fee, GCT and the total amount to be
paid by the purchaser.
i. IPO Chart

ii. The pseudocode which correctly expresses the logic for solving the problem as expressed
iii. A trace table with 3 sets of valid input data and 2 sets of invalid data. The table should
show the corresponding output/messages that would be produced. Provide the input and
output data in table form.
iv. A flowchart which corresponds to your pseudocode and which accurately represents the
solution to the problem.
Mark Scheme
Deliverable Marks
1. IPO Chart 6
2. Pseudocode (accurate applicability of rules, accuracy of logic) 16
3. Trace Table (agreement of trace table to the pseudocode provided) 6
4. Flowchart (accuracy of logic, agreement to the pseudocode provided) 10 + 6
5. Overall Presentation (indentation, neatness, readability, etc. 4
6. Declaration of Authorship Submission 2

Total 50


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