Computer Technology and Systems Architecture

Q1. Please read the below paragraph and write your opinion.

Note: 150 words with intext citation and references please.

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Computer Technology and Systems Architecture
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Apple is one of the companies which creates products utilizing computer technology and systems architecture. Apple has a portfolio of products from personal computers and laptops with the Macintosh, and cell phones such as the iPhone (Mitchell, 2014). The company is able to deliver successful products through a robust product development life cycle based on the unified process model. The unified process is a software development life cycle where the processes like business modeling, requirements, design, implementation, testing, and deployment are done in several iterations to deliver a product (Burd, 2016). Apple follows the unified process model with tweaks by focusing on good design and giving design teams a higher degree of freedom in their business processes to create aesthetic products (Apple’s product development process – inside the world’s Greatest Design Organization, 2021). The development and testing process is iterative with periodic reviews and extensive documentation. Some of the development processes like manufacturing are outsourced to contracting companies to focus on the core business processes of design, software development, and testing. Apple’s product development process – inside the world’s Greatest Design Organization. The Interaction Design Foundation. (2021.



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