Computer Systems Architecture

Subject: Computer systems architecture

Q1. Please read the below paragraph and write your opinion.

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Computer Systems Architecture
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Note: 150 words with intext citations and references

Digital file storage is one of the key information technology management aspects of an organization. The efficient use of digital data storage is important for managing costs. To design an efficient data storage system there are principles described by Hart et al. (2016). According to Hart et al. (2016), data is the currency in which technology advances and can generate petabytes of information that need to be digitally stored and appropriate storage is the precursor to transforming this data into knowledge, and sharing it. The rules for effective digital storage include firstly planning for types of data and its usage. Formatting, collection procedures, data states, and volume can help identify the right tools and allow risk and budget analysis. Secondly understand the use case for the data stored in terms of the accuracy required, recentness, confidentiality, and so forth. Let the raw data be raw to allow future analyses from different a perspective or with advances in capabilities. Standardized and open source formatting for storage allows flexibility in software choices and ease of scaling. Formatting practices like having uniquely identifiable codes, conventions, and linking metadata to add context. Privacy and access control to facilitate organizational proprietary information being stored and shared securely. Lastly redundancy and backup for the data stored.






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