Computer System Architecutre

Subject: Computer system architecutre

Q1. Please read the below paragraph and write your opinion.

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Computer System Architecutre
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Note: 100 – 150 words with intext citation and references

Sun Microsystem launched Java 2 Platform in 1999 to enhance the e-commerce industry with their point of sale experience as well as enhancing their customer shopping experience. One of the key features of Java is that when installed on an operating system, it adapts the environment’s key functionalities. The key components of the program include the interpreter, Java API and JVM. Today, bigger organizations such as Instagram, Twitter and Gmail run on Java. In 1999, when started using Java 2 Platform for its POS needs, it was also integrated with technologies from Microware, Espial and Intel Corp (Business Editors, 1999). The platform provides a secure, stable and reliable functionality. The software was especially helpful in the transition from a bricks-and-mortal POS to a web-based application. The three products that made the Java 2 Platform are JSEE, J2SE and J2ME. JSEE was designed for larger corporations and is designed to run on heavy duty servers whereas as the other two offers limited features with a lower cost. Although the initial platform was designed to support e-commerce POS, over the last several years, the platform has broadened to support all industries including the entertainment industry.




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