Computer Science: Finding your website on the internet

Prompt: By now, your constructionlocality has continued to better, and you accept made distinct revisions based on what you accept read during the primitive brace weeks of the manner. Now that you accept a constructionlocality that is exposed, you conciliate deficiency to procure what you read this week to infer metadata keyvote to your constructionlocality and to production on pursuit engine optimization. Assignment Instructions: Write an Executive Compendium in which you sift-canvass your artifice coercion infering keyvote to your constructionlocality and the changes you applaud in regulate to optimize pursuit engine results. The Executive Compendium is intended coercion an interview of eminent skill and should prepare a sift-canvassion of the benefits of the pursuit engine optimization and what the production conciliate necessitate. Update your constructionlocality and apprehend a insufficiency of 10 metadata keywords. Create page titles coercion each page on your constructionlocality to repair pursuit engine optimization. Submission Requirements: Submit the html perfects that you mitigated and apprehend a MS Word muniment containing the Executive Compendium you created. The compendium must accept a insufficiency of 500 vote. Submit entire of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and vision perfects as a close (.zip) perfect. Resources and References Connell, Adam. The perfect beginner’s train To creating an operative robots.txt perfect coercion your blog (n.d.). Retrieved from to an exterior locality.) HTML tag – determination and performance – W3Schools construction locality (n.d.). Retrieved from (Links to an exterior locality.) Meta keywords: What they are and how they production – Word Stream construction locality (n.d.). Retrieved from (Links to an exterior locality.) Patel, Neil. SEO made simple: A continuous train – Neil Patel construction invest (n.d.). Retrieved from


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