Computer Applications In Business

Part A – Create PowerPoint Presentation

Step 1 – Create a short PowerPoint presentation to introduce an Information Technology (IT) or Business related topic that you are interested in.

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Computer Applications In Business
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  • Slide limit – you must create and use 6 slides (cover slide, 4 body slides, end slide
  • Make sure that your student ID and name are shown on the cover slide.
  • Text Limit – max 6 lines x 6 words per slide (not including title slide)
  • Use of Graphics – include 4 high quality graphics/images to support your presentation
  • Font size/type – use appropriate font size (heading 46-40, body 32-24), colour and type (Arial, Calibri etc NOT Times New Roman)
  • Design/Colour Scheme – Do not use default designs make your own – make use of complimentary colour schemes etc.


Part B – Convert PowerPoint to Video Format and Share


Step 2 – Convert the PowerPoint (PPT) file into a video file (MP4)

  • Convert and save the PPT file as an MP4 video file

Step 3 – Upload the video file to YouTube or similar

  • Use the video file that you created in Step 1 and upload it to YouTube or a similar site
  • Make sure that you create a Thumbnail (keep a copy of the thumbnail) from the title slide of the presentation
  • Add the thumbnail at the start of the video file in YouTube and copy the link to use in step 5.




Step 4 – Write an email message in MS Outlook to accompany the Video File

  • Header – Address / Introduce the message
  • Body (message) description of the attached file
  • Signature – your name and student ID

Step 5 – Share the Video File

  • Take a screenshot of the email and insert it into an MS Word document [do not send the email].
  • Copy the thumbnail of the video title slide that was created earlier and paste it underneath the email message in the MS Word document.
  • Copy the link saved in Task 3, and embed the link into the thumbnail as a hyperlink.
  • Save the MS Word file as <Assessment 2 Your Student ID> and upload it into the SULMS Assessment 2 Folder.


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