Complex Texts

Discussion Question

· Common Core and most state standards stress teaching with Complex Texts. What challenges might complex texts pose for students?  Identify some of the components a teacher must consider when choosing texts for classroom use.

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Complex Texts
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Please respond to each one…


I understand that the purpose of complex texts for Common Core and other standards are because there have been an increasingly surprising amount of students that are promoted unprepared for entry into college and other walks of life. I believe the challenge that arises would be finding the right level of complexity. If the text is not complex enough then you run the risk of it being to easy and not accomplishing the necessary standards. At the same time, text that are too complex ends us intimidating students and they no longer attempt to complete the task, others who try to complete it end up overwhelmed or still do not understand the standard. Navigating the right complexity requires you to look at where students are currently and where you would like them to be. You have to walk a fine line so to speak. The text should be complex enough that it requires students to think and answers require students to provide their own response not just circle answers from a text. Students should have to call on prior knowledge as well as pull information from other sources in order to provide an acceptable answer. This way students are able to relate but still requires an additional source of knowledge. It is easy for our students to disengage and even easier for them to no longer trust or believe in themselves or their teachers. It is ten times harder to bring them back around. We have to make sure that we do everything we can to mitigate the risk.


Complex texts are hard to teach with students mainly because students to do not want to read. Complex texts is a problem with students because students have a hard time trying to identify what is going on in the text. Students now ready have a issue with reading and comprehension. Children do not understand the concept of reading, because they think all reading is just reading out the passages, and not realizing that reading is when you can comprehend what they just read. Most students have a issue with being able to tell you about what they read and even understand what they read.  When a teacher is considering a complex text they should make sure to do the following: they need to make sure that it is on the student grade level, they need to make sure that they can understand the text, they need to read the text themselves before presenting to the students, they need to make sure that the text is complex enough for the student, and lastly make sure that the complex text is presented to students with IEP in a different form. A teaching can stress themselves and teach complex text, but if its something a student do not want to read or is boring they will need not read and they will find all things to do that will make them not read.  You can also find things that will interest the student to make sure that they have something to read, but they also have to make sure that they  give them a text that is boring and dull as well. The teacher should explain to them, that not everything that you read will be something that they want to read, especially in a classroom. They could also get suggestions from other teachers that will help with considering texts.


If students were asked, what makes reading hard, some would suggest that the vocabulary is hard to comprehend, which plays a vital role in reading. Authors present their thoughts through words, and if students do not have a clue what these words mean, there’s little possibility that they will sort out the message. Higher-request thinking in reading relies vigorously upon information on word implications. Words are not the entire picture. Sentence structure matters, as well, since it decides how the words work together. Subsequently, understanding the sentence requires something beyond having the option to characterize individual words. The sentence should likewise let the students know how the thoughts communicated by these words fit together.

Indeed, to be sure, showing students at their independent level is that a few texts could be excessively simple or too difficult to even consider capable of learning from. By setting students in the middle of these limits, it has been accepted that more learning would occur. In texts that students see as simple, there would be little for students to learn since they could probably perceive all or the vast majority of the words and could comprehend the text completely with practically, no help from the teacher. Also, texts that present a lot of challenges may overpower or disappoint students so they could not learn. Along these lines, putting them in independent level materials would be trying to get students to learn how to tackle a challenge on their own.

The texts that are provided should be perfect for students to read. The texts students read should be intriguing, offering a suitable degree of challenge, not very simple and not very hard. Texts ought to be inside every students control and energize effective critical thinking. After cautiously choosing a fitting text, as educators we contemplate the most ideal approach to assist students with situating themselves to a specific text. . A definitive objective is for students to figure out how to assume control over the obligation regarding situating themselves to new texts as they appreciate becoming effective and free readers.


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