Comparison of Security Breaches and Vulnerabilities

Security is a 24/7 job, requiring a network administrator to seek answers to countless questions.
Two particular areas of concern are the overall safety of a network’s operating system and software
applications, and managing patches and security solutions. Some questions network administrator
might need to answer include: Who makes the safest operating system? What are the known
vulnerabilities of each operating system? How many software packages offer patches that people
don’t install? In this lab, you’ll explore some of the information available on operating system
After completing this lab, you will be able to:
 Research software vulnerabilities
 Analyze vulnerability differences among operating systems
Materials Required
This lab requires the following:
 A computer with Internet access
Estimated completion time: 45 minutes
In this lab, you will search the Internet for information on the relative security of several operating
1. Open your web browser and go to to access the latest Flexera Annual Vulnerability Review
2. Click the flag on top right and then Download Now button.
3. In the Register Now pane, enter the requested information, including your work email, your
name, and so on.
4. Click the Download Report button.
5. Navigate to the Vendor Update. Note the Top 50 vendors who represented 22.5% of the
vulnerabilities in 2019.
6. Go to Time-to-Patch and note that 81 % of vulnerabilities had a patch available on the day of
7. Go to Browser Security. In the first paragraph, it details the percentage of Internet browsers
with vulnerabilities and the percentage of products with exploits. Note that there was an
increase of vulnerabilities from 2019 to 2020.
8. Go to
9. Click the Complete Archives link under the Bugtraq area. How many links to vulnerability
reports do you see? On average, how many vulnerability reports are posted per day on Bugtraq?
10. Browse through the reported issues until you find an operating system vulnerability report.
This will give you an idea of the number of application vulnerabilities compared to the number
of operating system vulnerabilities.
Certification Objectives
Objectives for CompTIA Security+ Exam:
 2.4 Given a scenario, analyze and interpret output from security technologies.
Review Questions
1. According to the Flexera report, the number of zero-day vulnerabilities found in 2019 is
___________ 2018?
a. equal to
b. less than
c. greater than
d. undetermined
2. A Vulnerability is equivalent to an exploit. True or False?
3. According to the Flexera report, what percentage were without patches for longer than the first
day (approximately)?
a. 13%
b. 22%
c. 5%
d. 16%
4. With Internet search, find how many vulnerabilities did Windows 10 have when it was
a. 0
b. 257
c. 128
d. 201
5. The purpose of the Bugtraq forum is ___________?
a. to have a location where know issues in software can be saved and stored.
b. to give a location where people can exploit operating systems.
c. to make people afraid of using software.
d. to help fix vulnerabilities in software.

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Comparison of Security Breaches and Vulnerabilities
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