Comparing Project Management Methodologies

Bill has spent 25 years as a project manager for a large manufacturing company, but he has recently taken over the project management office for a software development company. While most of Bill’s project experience was in lean project management methodologies, he discovered that software development most often utilizes agile project management methodologies. As any good project manager would, Bill started researching agile methods and found them to be similar in many ways to the lean methods he was already familiar with. Bill started to wonder if certain software development projects might even be better suited for lean methodologies instead of agile. Bill started considering changing his new company’s standard methodology to lean, since he was most comfortable with it.

Write a paper addressing each of the following:

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Comparing Project Management Methodologies
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  • Compare and contrast lean and agile project management methodologies.
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages to standardizing the project management methodology across the organization (rather than selecting the methodology based on the type of project).
  • Describe the implications (positive and negative) that Bill might face if he decides to change the company’s project management process to suit his existing skillset.
  • Provide an example of a technology-related project in which lean methodologies would be the best approach. Explain your reasoning.
  • Provide an example of a technology-related project in which agile would be the best approach. Explain your reasoning.

The Comparing Project Management Methodologies assignment

  • Must be 900-1200 words in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.


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