Company’s Dynamic Plan

In similar fashion, a company’s business strategy is defined as a company’s dynamic plan to gain, and sustain competitive advantage in the marketplace. This plan is based on the theory its leaders have about how to succeed in a particular market. This theory involves pre- dictions about which markets are attractive and how a company can offer unique value to customers in those markets in a way that won’t be easily imitated by competitors. This theory then gets translated into a plan to gain competitive advantage. This plan must be dynamic to

business strategy A plan to achieve competitive advantage that involves making four inter-related strategic choices: (1) markets to compete in; (2) unique value the firm will offer in those markets; (3) the resources and capabilities required to offer that unique value better than competitors; and (4) ways to sustain the advantage by preventing imitation.

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Company’s Dynamic Plan
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competitive advantage When a firm generates higher profits compared to its competitors.

market The industry, customer segment, or geographic area that a company competes in.

unique value The reason a firm wins with customers or the value proposition it offers to customers, such as a low cost advantage or differentiation advantage or both.


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