Community Support Group

Community Support Group


The students will attend either Psychiatric Grand Rounds or a Community Support Meeting, enabling them to observe Mental Health concepts and techniques in a professional setting.

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Community Support Group
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Course Outcomes-This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.


CO #1. Demonstrate knowledge of psychopathology and mental health principles when caring for individuals, families, and groups in acute care and community mental health settings. (PO #1)

CO #2. Collaborate with consumers and other mental health team members in health promotion, illness prevention, health restoration and maintenance, and rehabilitative activities for psychiatric/mental health clients. (PO #2)

CO #4. Utilize critical thinking skills in clinical decision-making and implementation of the nursing process for psychiatric/mental health clients. (PO #4)

CO #5 Utilize available resources to meet self-identified goals for personal, professional, and educational development appropriate to the mental health setting. (PO #5)

CO #7 Examine moral, ethical, legal, and professional standards and principles as a basis for clinical decision making. (PO #6)

CO# 8. Explain the rationale for selected nursing interventions based upon current nursing literature. (PO #8)

CO #9 Utilize research findings as a basis for the development of a group leadership experience. (PO #8)



(See end of document for grading rubrics)

Due Date

All parts of this assignment must be completed and submitted to both the drop box by Feb. 6, 2022 .





Confidentiality & Professionalism

Client confidentiality remains of utmost importance, and you will remain compliant with and respect all concepts of client confidentiality when participating in this assignment in regard to any cases discussed or discussion observed. You are a guest of the facility and/or group you attend. You are expected to abide by facility timelines, rules, guidelines, and expectations. Professionalism should be included in every interaction including all phone, email and personal correspondence.


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