Community Partnership Program

You are a healthcare administrator for your nonprofit healthcare system. You oversee one of your system’s facilities and one of your requirements, as a nonprofit, is to demonstrate that your organization meets nonprofit status, which requires different types of activities to occur. One type of activity that a nonprofit healthcare organization may conduct relates to establishing community partnerships. You have been asked to oversee the community partnership program. You will need to create a taskforce for this program and will need to create an interdisciplinary leadership team that will support the various activities of the community partnership program. Your taskforce leaders will be from your healthcare system. You will present your taskforce team information to your organization’s executive leadership team, providing them with insight on the reason for the role selection, information about a special population or several populations, and provide examples about the community partnership program, using the Community Partnership Program: Taskforce Information Template. Click this Link to Access the Template: Community Partnership Program: Taskforce Information Template

Identify four leaders to participate on your community partnerships taskforce. This interdisciplinary team should be diverse, represents multiple departments, and should be in a director-level or higher leadership role within the organization. Supporting external evidence will need to be presented using APA 7th Edition formatting. Provide maximum of 5references with correlating in-text citations.  Your references should be from the last five years,. Include a coverage page and a reference page with your Community Partnership Program: Taskforce Information Document.

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Community Partnership Program
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You will need to include the following information for your taskforce assignment:

1. Identify the location of your healthcare system. You will base your taskforce on this specific location, which must be within the United States, to create your taskforce.

2. State the leadership role for each member of your taskforce. (Each leader will be from your organization.) Examples: Chief Nursing Officer, Director of Case Management, Business Development Director, or similar roles. 

3. Explain why each role will be important for the taskforce.

4. Provide an example of how each role can positively contribute to the community partnership taskforce for a special health population with your community partner.

5. Describe the characteristics of the special population that you discussed in your example.

6. Identify a community partner for your example, provide their website or contact information, and include a summary of their services and/or products.


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