Community health statistics

For this assignment, you will use the link below to utilize a community health statistics database and analyze your findings.

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Community health statistics
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After you click the link, scroll down to where you can enter a state. Enter any state you prefer. Then, click on a county from the “Overall Rankings in Health Factors” map. This will bring up information you will use to write your essay.

For your essay, you must write at least two pages explaining your findings from the health statistics database.

Ensure that you provide the following.

a) Identify the state and county you searched.

b) Explain the top four negative health behaviors.

c) Explain other pertinent information from the results that would negatively affect this community’s health.

d) Evaluate this community’s overall health outcomes.

e) Analyze the data to decide whether this community would benefit from a health program.

f) Explain which type of health program would benefit the community.

You must use at least two sources in your essay, which may include the textbook. All sources used must be cited and referenced. Be sure that your essay follows APA style formatting and guidelines. Your essay should be at least two pages in length, excluding the cover or reference pages that are required.


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