Community Health Action Plan

Community Health Action Plan -Reducing instances of misdiagnosis is a treatment model -Educating patients on how to lie better lives that are free from diseases is a wellness model You should be well prepared for this final step of your project by your work in your previous assignments. For this assignment, create a detailed action plan to promote wellness and disease management by addressing your chosen problem from the last two assignments. Based on feedback received in Assignment 3, design a plan that you could implement in a health care organization (such as a hospital, physician practice, or federally qualified health center). Be sure to identify your selected organization at the top of the form.

· Define the goal of your action plan.

· Identify a specific organization best suited to address the problem and implement the potential solution selected in Assignment #3. Explain why you chose this organization.

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Community Health Action Plan
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· Identify the roles of all stakeholders needed to implement your plan. Explain why they are needed.

· In the first column, detail the specific tasks that must be completed based on the research you have conducted over the past several weeks.

· In the second column, identify the timeframe to complete each task.

· In the third column, formulate the criteria that you will use to evaluate the successful completion of the task. Make specific connections between these criteria and evidence-based strategies to promote wellness and disease management for a population.

· In the fourth column, identify each of the resources (human, capital, materials, and so on) necessary to complete the tasks.


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