Communities and their Components

Communities and their Components

Make a list of the communities to which you belong or aspire; categorize them according to the types listed below and discussed above. Title the page “My Communities” and save this list in a safe place so you can add to it or reference it as you move through the chapters in this book.

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Communities and their Components
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• Family/Personal

List communities related to your families and friends and their distinguishing elements. Examples might include: Jewish family, only child; Hispanic extended family including three siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins; family of divorce with two sets of parents. List any religious affiliations here—or you might place those groups under “social” depending on the group’s primary role in your life.

• Geographical

List all of the communities where you have lived, from general to more specific. This might include state, county, city, town, etc. from where you grew up to the one you live in now. You might also list a specific neighborhood, building, or dormitory where you live.

• Academic

List academic communities to which you belong given where you attended school. Note any specific communities you felt a part of through specific classes, sports, or organizational affiliations. Are there specific academic communities you would like to join?

• Social

List communities you voluntarily joined because of social interests. Note the specific student organizations as well as the organizations to which you belong based on personal interests or hobbies.

• Organization/Business

List here any professional organizations you would like to join or a business for which you would like to work. Include in this list places where you volunteer or work part time.

If you feel like a community to which you belong could fall under more than one category, note that. Many communities are fluid and overlap. For example, if you work for a family-owned business, then you may see a more seamless connection among your familial and professional community affiliations.


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