Communist Manifesto

Discussion #5: Marx, Manifesto

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Communist Manifesto
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Answer the following questions as completely as possible. Your answers to these questions should be, in total, at least two paragraphs in length (approx. 250 words):


Marx and Engels use the Communist Manifesto as a means of describing and explicating the position of communists of all countries. Communism, for Marx and Engels, is a world movement, not restricted to one country. Thus, they write about the processes of history that affect the entire world. At the base of their understanding of the world and its economic forces lies the notion of “class struggle”. What does “class struggle” mean to you? How would you apply the concept of class struggle to contemporary society? Is class struggle a part of American politics today? Why or why not?


Once you have completed your post, you will be able to see other students’ responses. Select at least two posts to reply to and write thoughtful responses to both of them (each reply should be at least one paragraph in length). Do not simply say “I agree!” or “Good point!” Minimal responses will not receive credit.


In your replies to other students, you may do any of the following: ask questions about the post, answer questions posed in the post, expand on the post’s comments, share relevant web links, or offer an alternative viewpoint. This list is not exhaustive, so don’t hesitate to be creative in your replies. Be sure to stay on topic, however!


NOTE: Plagiarized posts will receive a zero for the assignment. Repeated offenses will cause you to fail the course. Do not copy the words or ideas of other people without proper credit and citation


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