Communications issues during SAR response during the Oklahoma City incident

Paper details:
Please research, identify and discuss two (2) communications issues that in your opinion had a significantly negative impact on the quality of the response provided by search and rescue (SAR) teams that responded to the Oklahoma City incident. Focus only on the SAR teams. Do not address general police, overall command/control, or any non SAR responses or assets. As I have provided the links for the official AARs, you are to locate and provided (2) appropriate professional journal references as the required references in lieu of citing the official AAR references. Insure that you use professional journals, not popular magazines, newspapers, etc. Again, I encourage you to review my note on Creditable Sources if that remains an issue that you need to address. References from non professional journals will not be counted for grade purposes. Again you do not need to provide lengthy details on the general event, keep your focus on the SAR team issues. You may discuss issues relating only to the search site, only local SAR teams that responded or expand your scope outward to areas such as communications issues involving or between all local, state and federal SAR assets. You may discuss any aspect desired as long as it is limited to communications related issues involving those responding SAR units. Communications by the way does not just mean radios, computers, telephones, etc. so you do not have to limit your comments to those areas.
April 19, 1995, Oklahoma City Alfred Murrah federal building bombing. Also I am providing a number of links to the relevant official reports. The complete after action report on that event is available, see,
You can view other official studies of the event and/or responses at:

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Communications issues during SAR response during the Oklahoma City incident
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