Communication Variables

Directions: You must locate the seminal articlethat provides the conceptualization and operationalization definition of the variable you were assigned.Use that journal article to answer the questions below and properly cite each answer including page numbers.You will need to upload a PDF of the article along with this assignment (or e-mail them to me if there are any technical difficulties). Include a separate, proper APA reference page citing the article used for this assignment.


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Communication Variables
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Independent Communication Variable: _________________________

  1. What is the conceptual definition? Cite the actual definition used, do not explain the variable in your own words.
  2. Answer the following questions:
    1. Indicate which page within the article discusses the operational definition of your variable
    2. Who originally developed this scale? (Hint: You will find this information within the methods section of the article)
    3. How many questions are included in the scale?
    4. Does your scale have dimensions or multiple components that make up the overall variable? If so, what are those dimensions and which items within the scale are associated with those dimensions? (Hint: If multiple dimensions exist, I suggest, using bullets, identify each dimension then provide the items associated). If you believe your variable is uni-dimensional please explain why.
    5. Do any of the items require reverse coding? If so, which items?
    6. What are the range of scores possible for this scale? In other words, if someone were to complete the scale, what is the highest a participant can score? The lowest?



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