Communication Styles

In addition to the communication that occurs within organizations, each of us has our own individual

communication style. Many organizations give tests that may indicate their candidate’s preferred style,

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Communication Styles
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providing information on the best job fit.


Our communication styles can determine how well we communicate with others, how well we are

understood, and even how well we get along with others. As you can imagine, our personality types and

our communication styles are very similar. Keep in mind, though, that no one person is “always” one style.


We can change our style depending on the situation. The more we can understand our own dominant

communication style and pinpoint the styles of others, the better we can communicate. The styles are

expresser, driver, relater, and analytical. Let’s discuss each of these styles next.


People with an expresser communication style tend to get excited. They like challenges and rely

heavily on hunches and feelings. Depending on the type of business, this can be a downfall as sometimes

hard data should be used for decision-making purposes. These people are easily recognized because they

don’t like too many facts or boring explanations and tend to be antsy if they feel their time is being



People with a driver style like to have their own way and tend to be decisive. They have strong

viewpoints, which they are not afraid to share with others. They like to take charge in their jobs but also in

the way they communicate. Drivers usually get right to the point and not waste time with small talk.


People with a relater style like positive attention and want to be regarded warmly. They want others to

care about them and treat them well. Because relaters value friendships, a good way to communicate well

with them is to create a communication environment where they can feel close to others.

People with an analytical communication style will ask a lot of questions and behave methodically.


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