Communicating Across Cultures

In Module 7, you were introduced to and began working on this assignment. Please take the remainder of the week to complete. Here is a reminder of the activity.

The global nature of organizations is on the rise. Therefore, navigating a diverse workforce and adjusting to cross-cultural issues is of the utmost importance. In that light, consider the following scenario:

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Communicating Across Cultures
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As the senior manager of a large software development firm, you have been assigned the oversight of a team of employees tasked with marketing a software program meant to track employee productivity. You will market the software primarily in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Your immediate supervisor has informed you that the international team will convene in four weeks at your corporate headquarters, then travel back to their home countries. You are tasked with creating a marketing plan that will sell your software through the world, and the following individuals will be on your team:

Hong Yu (China)

Sofia Schmidt (Germany)

Brian Cole (US)

Chao Lin (China)

Ivan Rosker (Russia)

Megan Chang (Japan)

Liling Woo (China)

Marie Mayer (Germany)

Marco Aurora (Italy)

Bokamoso Rolong (South Africa)

All of the team members are fluent in English, as well as their native language. Keep in mind the cultural diversity of your team.



You will create a PowerPoint which you will present via Zoom. Your presentation should include the following:

An introduction of yourself to your team, including your background and position.

Your plan to senior management on how you will communicate with the team and discuss how you will overcome language and technology barriers that may occur when communicating with those throughout the world.

A new “Code of Communication” that will detail the rules that are expected when communicating/interacting with others on the team (for instance, how often meetings will be held, how team members will communicate with others ((e.g., respect for diverse opinions, etc.)), how you will address conflict, etc. In other words, you should discuss all aspects of how differently you will manage communication in a global, diverse team that interacts largely in the online format.


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