In a family business, it is critical that there be a commitment to communicate effectively with

family and nonfamily members of the business. “Business leaders should be open about their

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awareness of the potential for communication issues to evolve and their willingness to accept

feedback and input from all employees about opportunities for improvement and areas of

concern.” [3]

One important issue is whether there should be a line drawn between family and business

discussions. Some suggest that setting up strict guidelines from the start that draw a clear line

between the different types of discussions is a good approach. [4] By contrast, the Praxity Family

Business Survey [5]found that it is considered OK to talk about the business anywhere and at any

time, whether at work or at home:

• Nineteen percent of the family businesses in the survey reported talking about business at home.

• Thirty-seven percent talk about it in the workplace.

• Forty-four percent talk about it when and wherever.


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