“Coming of Age In The Great Depression”

Read “Coming of Age in the Great Depression” in Huck’s RaftAnswer the following questions: 1. Would you agree with Mintz that during the Depression children were the “most vulnerable victims both economically and psychologically”?


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“Coming of Age In The Great Depression”
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Explain your reasoning and give examples to support your points?2. How did the federal government step in to help young children and youth? 3. Offer a profile of children’s everyday lives from various parts of the country. Include rural areas and cities, white, African American and Mexican American children. 4. How did thee “Scottsboro boys” reflect the lives of so many youths “on the bum”? But what made them so public and what was the outcome? 5. How did the National Youth Movement of the 1930s seed the student movement of the 1960?6. Entertainment that targeted children took root in the 1930s. Tell why one or two items particularly interested you.


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