Colonial Rule of Africa

Colonial Rule of Africa (1885-1960s and beyond)

“All colonial systems were meant to benefit the Europeans; they segregated and discriminated against the Africans; they exploited their subjects economically; and they established, instead, small colonial “dictatorships” – a situation that basically continued until the 1960s.” (Azevedo, p. 135)

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Colonial Rule of Africa
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Select one African country (excluding Liberia and Ethiopia), review Chapter 6 and/or other relevant information from articles or documentaries and respond to the following:

a. Briefly summarize the history of colonization about the country you have selected including who colonized it

b. Describe the working and living conditions of the indigenous people of Africa in a specific country under colonial rule.

c. In what ways did Africans in the country you have selected resist colonial rule?

d. State one question that you have about colonialism.


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