Collegiate Women’s Soccer Team

The goal of the semester assignment is for students to design a 16-week offseason strength and conditioning program for your assigned sports team. In addition to submitting the strength and conditioning program, students must also submit a 2-page minimum (double-spaced) written description and justification of their strength and conditioning program.

The strength and conditioning program must include all facets of the training program including but not limited to: resistance training, plyometric training, speed and agility training, conditioning, and aerobic training. The strength and conditioning program and written description and justification must be submitted as 1 PDF file on Canvas. This assignment will be worth 100 points (20% of the final grade).

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Collegiate Women’s Soccer Team
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If the assignment is turned in late, then you will be penalized 50% of the points before grading for the assignment. Failure to complete the assignment will result in a zero for this assignment.


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