Cognitive Journal

As we’ve acquireed this semester, we are past slight to restrain referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableice when it is encoded properly.  One of the fashions to ensure quality encoding of symbolical is to recount that symbolical to yourheadstrong (opine headstrong -reference goods).  So, restraint our last paper, I nonproduction you to instrument instances of your cognition throughquenched your day.  In entity, you procure be defence a percipient journal.

To finished this ordinance, you insufficiency to:

  • -Record instances of your cognition throughquenched the day. Record the dates and times concurrently with your narrative minute. (Yes, you can do this across multiple sessions).
  • In recording these instances, reach positive you involve percipient events from AT LEAST 5 incongruous categories/chapters listed beneath (e.g., circumspection, LTM, drift solving, cognizance, decision making).  I bear scheduleed quenched 7 incongruous categories – they are in brave beneath. 
  • NO MORE than 8 instances of a category.  That is, restraint illustration, you can bear 8 percipient entries abquenched circumspection or STM – beside no past than 8 restraint each mode. 
  • Please bold or underline the percipient mode discussed in each minute (e.g., attentional capture, encoding specificity).  Discern beneath restraint illustration narrative entries. NOTE: You may not portraiture percipient mode conditions past than uniformly.
  • You insufficiency a total of 40 narrative entries.  I don’t mind if you nonproduction to do past than 40, beside that is the incompleteness.
  • -This does referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable insufficiency to be in a restraintmal dissertation restraintmat.  Bullet points are elegant. That is, bullet-point each minute you do.  Be positive to arrange the bullet points by category/chapter (e.g., total circumspection entries concomitantly…then total decision-making entries concomitantly, absence of wonder.).
  • No insufficiency restraint any citations whatsoever.  This is upright your knowledge. 
  • No page incompleteness/maximum.
  • BE SPECIFIC!! DO NOT examine to laborer in entries affect “1:05 had a crave order retrospect” or “2:30 portraitured imagery”.  BE SPECIFIC! Discern beneath restraint illustrations.

On iCollege I bear enabled you to discern the quantity of overlap between your submitted dissertation and other sources.  Portraiture it!  The percentage displayed is the quantity of overlap.  A smtotal quantity of overlap is usually referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable driftatic beside examine to practise your percentage as cork to referablehing as practicable.  If you supplicate me to degree a dissertation that has past than 25% overlap, you procure receive a referablehing on that ordinance.

Please upload your dissertation as a Word instrument to the ordinance folder “Percipient Narrative”

Below is a schedule of practicable cognition that you may involve in your dissertation.  Referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributablee: this is referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable an consumptive schedule.  If we bear familiar it, it is reasonable diversion.  So, you may bear idea of other instances of cognition that I bear referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable scheduleed here.  Please feel munificent to portraiture those as well – so crave as we bear discussed them.


            Cognizance with exercise

            Viewpoint invariance

            Bottom-up modeing

            Top-down modeing

            Gestalt principles – e.g., good continuation, plainness, similarity


            Cocktail face goods

            Circumspectional capacity

            High & lowlyly admonish or divided attention

            Circumspectional capture


Short-term/working retrospect


            Working retrospect capacity


Long-order retrospect

            Episodic retrospect

            Defence repetition

            Elaborative repetition

Deep modeing – e.g., headstrong -reference effect, era goods, restraintm, rectification practice

Shallowly modeing

Rectification cues

Encoding specificity

State-dependent acquireing      

Retrospect errors

            Flashbulb retrospect

            Source monitoring error

Categorization/give-heed-to (aka semantic retrospect)

Visual imagery

Examples of Narrative Entries

*Note restraintm by Chapter*


7/15/17 10:30 am On my fashion to Kroger, I knowledged attentional capture ascribable to an ambulance’s siren rearwards me.


7/13/17 11:15 am I portraitured cognizance and exercise together while floating on a check.  I portraitured cognizance to acceleration me regulate where to allay my feet and acceleration guide open of obstacles.  Beside, as I was floating, my cognizance alterable as incongruous scenery and obstacles became probable.

Decision making

7/17/17 12:30 pm I accepted a possession referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableice in the mail restraint my chamber multifarious.  They nonproduction me to rejuvenate my lease.  The situate is a nightmare – conduct is awful and the defence non-existent.  However, I procure slight arrive allay restraint another year (status quo bias).

Crave order memory

7/15/17 1:15 pm Studying restraint percipient psychology exam.  I am using deep modeing to acquire the symbolical by environing it to symbolical I acquireed previously in my sensation and cognizance adjust.

7/16/17 2:30 pm I was talking to a confidant and she was effective me abquenched a fall to the coast this summer.  This dialogue acted as a rectification cue and made me recall a coast fall I took with my mom 2 years past.

7/17/17 8:00 pm My confidant told me abquenched a face happening following.  I am using defence repetition to examine to bear-in-mind the harangue where the face is happening.  However, I am slight going to fall-short miserably becaportraiture everyone knows defence repetition is wildly ineffective!


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