Code of Ethics

Health executives have a code of ethics and policy statements that guide their behavior. The American College of Health Care Executives is the most visible Code of Ethics for HCO managers.  Health providers have other professional codes.

Your post this week will answer the question: Does management have a different code than health providers and how can this be resolved?

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Code of Ethics
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Structure of your post.

1. Examine one (specific) portion of the code provided by

2. Describe one (specific) portion of the code used by a health professional you select.

3. Cite the portion of the ACHE and health professional code but do not quote them. Use your own words.

4. Comment on how the two codes may differ in nature. Compare and contrast.

5. Do you anticipate any circumstances or situations that will require resolution? Will the current pandemic, unequal distribution of health services, or biotech advances that may emerge in the years to come?

6. What will help to resolve a dilemma?


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