CMST Small Assignments

Please read Ch. 2, Conversation as a culturally rich phenomenon, in the ebook, Cultures in Conversation

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CMST Small Assignments
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How to access the chapter?

To access Ch. 2 of the Ebook, please click on the link above and you are likely taken to the following page, on which you will click on the link, “EBSCOhost Ebooks”

Once you click on that, you are likely taken to the following page and you will click on “PDF Full Text

Once you click on “PDF Full Text”, you are likely taken to the ebook and you can select the chapter from the following table, which displays on the left side of the screen if you are using a Questions included in this survey:

In Ch. 2, we will examine three conversations, between Donald Carbaugh and locals while he stayed in England, Russia and Finland , and for each conversation documented in the chapter, based on the notes that you’ve taken during your reading, please respond to the following:

Question 1 -Why is conversation cultural in nature? What are the meaningful quotes that made sense to you throughout the chapter, and why they made sense to you?

Question 2-When Todd first arrived in India, he wasn’t being successful with his new team: he couldn’t made them understand the importance of “small talk”, nor could he convince his Indian team that “they need to sound like a native speaker of English”. What kind of suggestions you may offer to Todd, based on the reading of this chapter?



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