Cloud Migration Technical Report Template

This report will provide BallotOnline with a comprehensive cloud migration approach and tool sets that align with BallotOnline’s technical and business requirements. The final document should be between eight and 10 pages.

  • 5.2: Propose strategies the organization can employ using cloud solutions to enhance organizational effectiveness.
  • 6.5: Investigate the underlying technologies (virtualization, data center infrastructure, servers).
  • 6.8: Review, evaluate, and utilize emerging technologies related to cloud to support business needs.
  • 9.3: Develop documentation (plans, policies, and procedures) to support cloud operation.
  • 10.2: Create and deploy virtual machines.
  • 10.3: Configure cloud management tools and software.
  • 10.6: Configure a private cloud infrastructure using industry leading software.
  • 10.7: Configure a public cloud infrastructure using industry leading provider(s).
  • 11.3: Upgrade the infrastructure to increase capacity.


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Cloud Migration Technical Report Template
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Cloud Migration Technical Report Template


  • Executive Summary (< 1 page)
  • Plan Scope (1 page)
    • Overview
    • Cloud migration prerequisites
  • Industry Leading Cloud Migration Approaches Overview (<1 page)
  • Cloud Migration Tool Sets (1-2 pages)
    • Feature Comparison
    • Evaluation Summary
  • AWS Database Migration Service (1-2 pages)
    • Overview
    • Prerequisites
  • Data Migration of MySQL Database to AWS (1-2 pages)
  • Private Cloud (Hyper-V) Migration to AWS (1-2 pages)
  • Cloud Migration Recommendations (1 pages)
  • Conclusion (<1 page)



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