Classification of cash flows

Explain why you would use a statement of cash flows.

Classification of cash flows
Indicate how each of the following events should be classified in a statement of cash flows for the current calendar year.
Use the following code: O = operating activities, I = investing activities, and F = financing activities
Assume use of the direct method. If the event does not involve a cash flow that should be included in the statement of cash flows, use an X.
Paid an account payable for inventory purchased in a prior accounting period = __________
On December 28, made a large credit sale; terms, 2/10, n/30 = ___________
Received a dividend from an investment in IBM common stock = ___________

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Classification of cash flows
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Paid a dividend to stockholders = _____________
Paid the interest on a note payable to First Bank = ____________
Paid the principal amount due on the note payable to First Bank = ______________
Transferred cash from a checking account into a money market fund = ______________
Made an adjusting entry to record accrued wages payable at the end of the period = ___________
Recorded depreciation expense for the current year = ____________
Purchased plant assets for cash = __________


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