Choosing the Participants for the Study

Choosing the participants for the study is conducted by considering the random sampling in

a stratified approach where the mental health patients and the professionals are targeted differently.

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Choosing the Participants for the Study
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The stratified sampling ensures that there is an equal number of patients and also the mental health professionals that may be chosen using any number of sampling approaches, depending on the research question under evaluation. In this case, we focus on ensuring that the mental health

professionals chosen have the experience with the patients that are selected for the study to give

reliable and accurate information that makes the research significant.

The process of choosing the participants in the research is voluntary, and the participant is

assured of their privacy in the data shared. In this scenario, the participant is expected to sign the

consent form before engaging in the process, which falls under ethical considerations. A representative sample must represent the assumption if it is to be tested, such as having

both genders and also a balanced number of mental health professionals and patients.



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