Children’s Gender Role Development

Discussion 1

Make a list of all the places/sources you feel provided information about sex to you when you were growing up. Then make a separate list containing places/sources of information you wish had been available to you. Discuss the impact each of these sources has/has had on the accuracy of your information about sex and the impact these sources have had on people you know.

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Children’s Gender Role Development
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Discussion 2

Source and review an article (of your choosing) on parent-child play and the implications for children’s gender role development and gender role legacy. Then answer the following prompts as part of your response.

· What is gender-role legacy and why does it matter?

· How has the gender-role legacy impacted your life?

· To what extent to do you agree with this legacy?

This task is designed to familiarize you with research available on the Internet and the field of Human Sexuality. Be sure to reference your article in the assignment post with a direct link or a copy attached.


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