Chemistry Questions: Redox Reactions – Activity Series


This exercise asks you to collect, organize, analyze, and evaluate data you collected in the lab. You will type a lab report that includes the following:


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Chemistry Questions: Redox Reactions – Activity Series
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  • Title page
  • Results and Calculations section
    • Table summarizing your major experimental results.
      • Experimental observations
      • Balanced net ionic reactions
      • Element oxidized, element reduced, stronger oxidizing agent, and more active element.
  • Discussion
    • State your activity series.
    • Analyze your experimental data:
      • Did you have any difficulties determine the activity series?
      • If so, what species are you unsure of the relative activities?
      • What additional experiments might help you to make a better assessment of relative activities?
    • State any sources of error. What affect did it have on your activity series?
  • Conclusion
    • Reiterate your experimental activity series using complete sentences.


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