Chemist warehouse or bunnings warehouse

The whole report must be about the selected retailer (Chemist warehouse or bunnings warehouse)
 Executive Summary (10%):
The executive summary is a stand-alone section, which summarises the background,
objectives/aims, issues/problems and recommendations of your report. The executive summary can
only be written of course, after you have finalised the report.
o Executive Summary should appear before the Table of Contents.
o You are strongly encouraged to avoid simply paraphrasing and/or repeating the
information presented in the report itself.
 Table of Contents (The marks for TOC is part of the report structure marks)
 Introduction (Containing Research Aim and Scope) (15%):
Description of retail services/products and the company. Here you can discuss the essential points
about the company/organisation and the importance of investigating the particular services/product
supply chain. The introduction should include the aim and scope of the report.
 Analysis, Discussion and Recommendations (35%):
A comprehensive literature review base on at least 10 (TEN) resources that can be mixture of
academic and/or non-academic sources is required to:
1. Identify the gaps/problems/issues/challenges in the particular retailer and its supply chain;
2. Explain the selected retail supply chain structure; location and layout of the store(s) or retail
outlet(s); products/services offered and other areas as you see fit;
3. Outline the core competence of the selected retailer in the competitive market;
4. Show detailed ‘Information Flows’ in the selected retail supply chain;
5. Describe the procurement activities and logistics services;
6. Describe the processes for the transportation/warehousing/distribution of goods and so on.

Also, according to your research, address the following issues:
7. Discuss the relationship between the selected retailer’s location strategies and its customers;
8. Consider the gaps/problems/issues/challenges that you have found in the literature and
determine if your selected company is facing (or will face) similar issues. In this case, it is
required to discuss them. Examples could include: the uncertainty of demand/supply; lack of
market research; unreliable consumer behaviour; poor value chain; competitive analysis; etc;
9. Discuss whether the organisation employs omnichannel or multichannel;
10. Discuss the role of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in the selected retailer’s
merchandise management;
11. Discuss the current/recommended CSR activities in selected retail business towards
sustainable development;
12. Discuss and compare the selected retailer’s supply chain, its return and refund policy, its
consumers, its suppliers, and its financial performance before and after COVID-19 outbreak;
13. Discuss the consumers’ panic during the current pandemic which resulted in ‘quantity
assurance’ more than ‘quality assurance’ practices;
14. Provide recommendations on how best possible solutions can be incorporated into the
selected retailer in order to overcome the current and prevent the potential
Conclusion (10%):
The conclusion ‘wraps up’ by summarising the gaps identified and how you resolved them. Discuss
 Referencing Style (10%) and Clarity (5%):
o Referencing: The assessment should be appropriately referenced (using the Harvard
referencing style), including a bibliography. The in-text citation is a must!
o Appendices: Under appendix, you can put any tables/diagram/data that will not be
included in the word count! All tables/figures must be referred to in the body of the
the lessons learnt from this industry research report developed in relation to the concepts learnt from
lectures. Suggest any limitations of this research work.

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Chemist warehouse or bunnings warehouse
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