Intercultural Communication: Check your knowledge

Check your knowledge

Short Answers (5 pts. Each)

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Intercultural Communication: Check your knowledge
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  1. Explain Linguistic Relativity include Strong Version and Weak Version Concepts.



  1. Explain “Manifestation of Meaning” concept. Use terms (watch as gift)




Define Terms (2 pts. each)

  1. Image-schema



  1. Lacuna



  1. Individualism/Collectivism




  1. Continuum




  1. Binary thinking



Essay Questions (10 pts. each)

  1. Define “IC” using the Commensurability and Continuum principles. Also integrate the other Principles Punctuation, Uncertainty, Performativity, and Positionality, into your definition.



  1. In the case study, “Coca- Cola Scare in Europe”, explain the different cultural responses to the crisis using the concepts of High Distance/ Low Distance Power and Uncertainty Avoidance/ Uncertainty Acceptance with the Continuum Principles. Also explain digital and analogic communication in your answer. Include the countries involved and how Coke handled the scare. (Belgium, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Coca- cola Co.)



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