Chasing Heroin film

Open the file (Chasing Heroin, Frontline, questions) and answer the questions. You need to watch the movie to answer it this is either if any question wrong, there won’t be points 



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Chasing Heroin film
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  1. How did Heroin make Kristina Block feel, at age 14?


  1. Why did Johnny Busque start using?


  1. Cities and states are desperate for what, given the heroin epidemic?


  1. Seattle police are now taking a more social work approach, According to Lt. Mills, what did the arrest approach to drugs/drug users accomplish?




  1. How was Oxycontin marketed?



  1. How did the # of users change in the U.S. (with the growth of prescription opiates)?


  1. How did opiates make Kerry (mom living in Washington) feel?


  1. What did Purdue Farma admit to in 2007? What was their sanction?

  1. What does Dr. Frieden tell the White House in 2010, regarding the opiates problem?


  1. According to Dr. McClennan, what do opiate users end up turning to?


  1. What does Kerry C. do in the ‘Honey Bucket’ – more than 10 years after her initial use of opiates?


  1. Where do Mexican drug suppliers set up their ‘stores’, what type of community — needed for heroin dealers?
  2. What troubles did Marah have in middle school?


  1. What was Marah caught doing as a junior in high school?


  1. What was Marah’s relationship with Jordan Z. like?


  1. How does Marah describe sobriety?


  1. How many heroin addicts relapse in the first year after treatment?


  1. When do politicians panic about drug use/addiction according to Mr. Humphreys?


  1. According to Dr. Linquist what is the concept/purpose of methadone maintenance?


  1. What does Mr. Parker see when he visits a Seattle methadone clinic for the day?


  1. According to Mayor Lent, what is the epidemic like today in Bremerton?



  1. Since the city decided against the Methadone clinic (2011) how many people have died of overdoses in Kipsap County?


  1. According to Mr. DuPont, how do the drug courts work?




  1. According to Mr. Burris, how do drug courts not correspond with individual rights?

——And drug courts also represent?


  1. What does the current Drug Czar, Mr. Botticelli, want to see for everybody?


  1. What have we come to realize regarding punitive responses to people with substance abuse disorders, according to Mr. Botticelli?


  1. According to Attorney General Holder, drugs should be seen not simply as a criminal justice problem, but as a what?


  1. What did Mr. Holder not feel comfortable doing (sentencing people) when he was a federal judge in D.C.?


  1. According to Jasmine Tyler, what is the problem with drug courts?


  1. About what percentage fail drug courts?


  1. Who is drug court not the answer for, according to Mr. Satterberg (Prosecutor – Kings County)?


  1. According to Alison Holcomb a lot of Americans now agree about what?


  1. Cities all over the country are now embracing what?


  1. Why is the Seattle drug-dealing corner ‘quicksand’, according to Lt. Mills?


  1. What is LEAD in Seattle?


  1. What is the philosophy of the LEAD program according to Lt. Mills?


  1. What is the harm reduction model regarding drug use (Mikel Kowalyck discusses this)?



  1. The goal of LEAD is what, according to Mikel K. (which can involve users continuing to use)?



  1. According to Lt. Mills, what is the hardest thing about LEAD for Seattle police?


  1. According to Case Manager Devon M., what is LEAD’s goal?



  1. What were Kristina B.’s high school years like?



  1. What was downtown Seattle like in the 1990s?


  1. Why were police upset with Lisa Duagaard, Seattle public defender?


  1. When Lisa D. sat down with the police lieutenant and Prosecutor Satterberg in Seattle, what did they realize?


  1. The Seattle planning all ‘came together’ when they agreed on what ‘one thing’?


  1. According to Prosecutor Satterberg, LEAD has turned the moment of arrest into what?


  1. What did a Univ. of Washington study find regarding the arrest rates of LEAD participants?



  1. What does Dr. Volkow say about the determinants of drug addiction?


  1. According to Dr. Volkow how does repeated drug exposure affect the brain?


  1. How is the availability of services/resources for LEAD participants?


  1. What did Dr. Mclellan not the know the answer to, when his sons had drug problems?


  1. How does Dr. Mclellan believe heroin should be treated?


  1. How available (accessible) is methadone or subaxone for addicts?


  1. How does the drug Suboxone work for heroin addicts?


  1. How much Subnoxone can Dr. Capp prescribe, and, how does this compare with how much Oxycotin he can prescribe?


  1. According to Dr. Mcllelan what has worked the best of all things we have tried to reduce addiction and its corresponding problems?


  1. What happened to Kerri?



  1. What is Johnny B’s current status?


  1. What is Kristina B’s current status?


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