Charismatic Leaders

1. The chapter states “charismatic leaders create change by linking their vision and its values to the self-concept of followers.” How did Kakenya Ntaiya accomplish this?

2. How would you describe Kakenya’s vision? a. According to the text, a vision has five characteristics: a picture, a change, values, a map, and

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Charismatic Leaders
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a challenge. How are each of these elements expressed in Kakenya’s vision? b. Discuss the evolution of Kakenya’s vision over the course of her life—from the vision she had

for herself as a young girl to its more global expression today. Discuss the specific elements of this vision and how they have evolved and scaled over the years.

3. Given the cultural challenges, articulating her vision was a critical component to Kakenya’s success. Using the four elements of articulation described in this chapter, what are the challenges Kakenya faced, and how did she address them through articulation?

4. What roles did building credibility, setting high performance standards that motivated others to accomplish the vision, and empowering others play in Kakenya’s vision?


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