Change Facilitator

The person who assists initiators, implementers, and recipients with the change-management process. Identifies process and content change issues and helps resolve these, fosters support, alleviates resistance, and provides other participants with guidance and council.

Change recipient

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Change Facilitator
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The person who is affected by the change. Often the person has to change his or her behavior to ensure the change is effective.

Change implementers will find much in this book to assist them. They will find guidance in creating and increasing the need for the changes that change initiators are demanding. They will find tools for organizational diagnosis and for identifying and working with key stakeholders. And they will find concepts and techniques to facilitate the internal alignment of systems, processes, and people; improve their action plans and implementation skills; and help them sustain themselves during the transition.

At the same time, we encourage and challenge change implementers to stay engaged, to stay active, and to initiate change themselves. Oshry identifies the dilemma of “middle powerlessness,” where the middle manager feels trapped between tops and bottoms and becomes ineffective as a result.114

Many middle managers transform their organizations by recognizing strategic initiatives and mobilizing the power of the “middles” to move the organization in the direction needed.


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