Central disciplines of philosophy

Students will complete a major paper detailing his/her views related to the central disciplines of philosophy. The paper will display the student’s ability to articulate the central issues in each discipline of philosophy, and present their own views related to each topic. Every student in this course is a philosopher, and this paper is a chance for the student to detail his/her philosophic worldview. The paper requirements are as follows:

  1. The paper must be a minimum of 8 pages (excluding cover page and bibliography), double spaced, written in 12pt Times New Romans font, with standard 1” boarders.
  2. The paper must use proper APA formatting.
  3. The paper must reference at least 4 academic sources (scholarly books, articles, presentations, etc. Popular sources such as blogs, Wikipedia, and the like are not acceptable) beyond course texts in the paper.
  4. The paper will include sections on the following:
    1. Metaphysics
    2. Epistemology
    3. Philosophy of Religion or Aesthetics (pick one)
    4. Ethics or Political Philosophy (pick one)
  5. In each section, students will:
    1. Describe the central question(s) of each branch of philosophy.
    2. Engage the thought of at least 2 philosophers discussed in class.
    3. Enumerate their own answers to these questions.

Each paper should have a brief introduction and conclusion (1 short paragraph).

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Central disciplines of philosophy
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