Cell structure and function

Develop a hypothesis to a scientific question, design an experiment to test the hypothesis, and write a scientific paper on the results of an experiment.
Analyze biological data and develop a conclusion using scientific reasoning.
Demonstrate knowledge of the structure and function of cells.
Use a light microscope to view cell structure and document findings using drawings.
Solve problems involving Mendelian inheritance and genetics.
Each portfolio entry should focus on a single learning outcome and include a visual artifact along with a paragraph explaining how the artifact you included provides evidence of proficiency in the learning outcome you selected. Artifacts may in the form of an image, screenshot, short video, or series of up to three images, and may include a portion of an assignment that you completed this semester and are proud of, but you do not need to use something that you were required to do for class. You may not simply upload a copy of an entire assignment (since that is larger than an imagine, screenshot, short video, or series of up to three images). Here are some examples of acceptable artifacts:

Screenshot from a portion of a lab paper that highlights strong scientific writing skills
Screenshot from a dialogue that you were involved in on the discussion board that highlights your ability to discuss complex biology concepts
Drawing or homemade model of a structure or process that we studied this semester
Short video of you explaining a complex biological process
Short video of you using the concepts we learned about in the class to explain the cellular basis for a trait that you or a family member has (e.g., how structures or processes in cells explain why you are lactose intolerant)

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Cell structure and function
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