CDC Data on 2010-2014 Males and Females

Safe Assignment 5: CDC data on 2010-2014 males and females

In this assignment, you will use information from the CDC website to obtain information on the following data categories listed below.

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CDC Data on 2010-2014 Males and Females
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    1. Go to the CDC website using the link provided.
    2. Indicate you “Agree” to the Data Use Restrictions. (Button is at the bottom of that page.)
    3. Choose the “Report Options” using the data categories listed below, then choose “Submit Request” to obtain a copy of your report.
    4. Submit your report to the Safe Assignment link provided above for Module 5.

Go to this CDC Injury Prevention and Control webiste to access the injury data:

  • homicide
  • non-firearm
  • U.S.
  • (all races, both sexes and all Hispanic; standard output; age groups 0-4 through 35-39)
  • 2000 as standard year
  • output 1 as ages

Download file into EXCEL (Review Chapter 11 presentation on statistics package)

  • calculate descriptive statistics for crude rate of deaths of the entire group in the download (this is the sample) – paste this to the worksheet that has your data if you created it on a “new worksheet”
  • select an empty cell on the worksheet that has the data from the CDC and the summary statistics
  • enter the formula to calculate the correlation between the ages and the crude rates (this will indicate the level of relationship between the two sets of numbers)
  • the formula is =CORREL(arrary1,array1); you will highligh each set of numbers as array 1 (the ages) and array 2 (the crude rates) respectively
  • Excel will perform the math for you
  • correlations range from 0 (the weakest) to 1 the absolute strongest


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