Categories of Management Morality

Three categories of managers stand out with regard to ethical and moral principles in business affairs:

1. The moral manager – Moral managers are dedicated to high standards of ethical behavior, both in their own actions and in their expectations of how the company’s business is to be conducted.

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Categories of Management Morality
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2. The immoral manager – Immoral managers have no regard for so-called ethical standards in business and pay no attention to ethical principles in making decisions and conducting the company’s business.

3. The amoral manager – Amoral managers appear in two forms: the intentionally amoral manager and the unintentionally amoral manager.

a. Intentionally amoral managers consciously believe business and ethics are not to be mixed because different rules apply in business versus other realms of life.

b. Unintentionally amoral managers do not pay much attention to the concept of business ethics either, but for different reasons. They are simply causal about, careless about, or inattentive to the fact that certain kinds of business decisions or company activities have deleterious effects on others – in short, they are simply blind to the ethical dimension of decisions and business actions.


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