Case Study: Neurology

Case Study: Neurology

Below is the Neurology case study for this week. Please write a 2-4 page paper (in APA format) discussing generalized seizures versus focal seizures. Be sure to follow the case study rubric located under “Important Course Information.”

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Case Study: Neurology
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Use the following items as headings for your paper:

– Pathophysiology

– Examples of each type of seizure

– Typical EEG findings associated with each seizure

– Physical presentation with each seizure

– Common medications used to treat each seizure type.

This is a formal APA paper so, your in text citations and reference list must be in APA format. Be sure to use proper grammar and punctuation. Be sure to use the headings described above in addition to including an intro and conclusion paragraph. A title page and separate reference page are required.

You  must also use 3 credible resources, i.e textbook, journal articles, credible websites. recent within the last five years


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