Case Study: Washington and Jefferson School Districts

Due to changes in population and a rezoning of school districts it has been decided that the Washington and Jefferson school districts will be merged. With current funding no staff cuts will need to be made but a redistribution of students to balance school attendance will require a redistribution of staff as well. Both teachers and administration staff will need to be consulted and evaluated in order to make the most effective placements possible in the interests of the students, the parents, and administration alike. Your role as an I/O psychologist is to create a performance evaluation process to help facilitate this process.


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Case Study: Washington and Jefferson School Districts
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Directions: In 40-50 words, for each step, briefly explain the actions you would take per the information from the case study above.

  1. Determine the Reason for Evaluating Employee Performance:
  2. Identify Environmental and Cultural Limitations:
  3. Determine Who Will Evaluate Performance:
  4. Select the Best Appraisal Methods to Accomplish Your Goals:
  5. Train Raters:
  6. Observe and Document Performance:
  7. Evaluate Performance:
  8. Communicate Appraisal Results to Employees:
  9. Terminate Employees:
  10. Monitor the Legality and Fairness of the Appraisal System:


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