Case Study Report

Case Study Report

Identify a contemporary environmental concern in the United States or Canada that is of interest to you. It may relate to a community in which you are a member, or it may be in a place in which you have never been. In the report you will explore the nature of the concern, its history, and the community’s response to the condition/hazard by answering ALL of the following prompts/questions:

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Case Study Report
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  • Describe the background of the issue/concern. Where does it occur? (Neighborhood? County? State?) Why is this happening? For how long?
  • Explain how and why this is an environmental justice concern. How is this issue related to the definition of environmental justice?
  • How many people are affected? Which groups of people are most affected?
  • What are the actual and potential environmental impacts?
  • What are the potential health impacts or risks? Consider non-humans too.
  • What are the socio-economical impacts?
  • Which organizations or agencies are involved? What are their tactics? Have they been effective? Include discussion of grassroots orgs and community groups.
  • What alternatives have been developed to resolve this conflict/concern, if any? Describe them and their feasibility.
  • How can this issue be better understood using the pillars of critical environmental justice or another theoretical framework?



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