Case Study : Grafitti In London

The City of London is home to one of the world’s finest police departments. The city probably experiences just about any kind of problem that you can imagine. In this Case Study, we will examine a problem common to many cities: unwanted graffiti. It is ugly and expensive. Can you compose a response plan to help the leadership in London?


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Case Study : Grafitti In London
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Prompt: Compose a response plan to the graffiti problem for the leadership of the city of London. You should focus on police activities, but you can mention civilian efforts, too.

Your data source is the attached description of the problem written by an investigative committee in London. You should also research how other cities handle this problem.



  1. Review the CILO 3 rubric below that will be used to assess your answer.
  2. Your Response Report should include:
    1. Your analysis of the problem based on the case study information and your insights,
    2. Several alternative solutions to the problem, and
    3. A comparison of the alternatives with the pros and cons of each.
  3. Use APA citation and reference format to refer to your sources.


Your essay will be assessed using the CILO 3 rubric shown below. All assessment will be completed by the course professor. This assignment is worth 6% of your course grade.

CILO 3 Unsatisfactory Baseline Developing Good Exemplary
3.1 Insight (50%) No insights derived. One insight derived from analysis. Multiple insights derived from analysis …and supported with reference to the literature …and any limitations in data or analysis that may affect validity of interpretations discussed.
3.2 Proposal (50%) No plan proposed. Plan with one element proposed. Plan with multiple elements proposed …that includes clearly detailed specifications …and discusses feasibility within context of MOI policy and resourcing.


  1. An “insight” is a deep understanding of the problem.
  2. “The literature” means the published research by experts.
  3. For this assignment, “MOI engagement” should be interpreted as the laws and resources available in London.


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