Case Study Analysis

Case Study Analysis

Please fully review all PowerPoints and materials up to this point in the course before completing this assignment.

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Case Study Analysis
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In this case analysis, you will explain the essential features of a couple’s life that is featured in the film using Family Systems Theory. To accomplish this, it is necessary to describe the theory in detail and connect it to the couple’s life. Your report should include a basic description of the couple’s life circumstances. Then, you must explore your chosen couple’s relationship status (cohabitating, married, divorced, etc.), communication style, and stressors and strengths. You must describe these concepts in detail, based on your text, and connect it to the couple’s life.


The analysis should include the five following main headings (centered and bold):

  • Background
  • Theoretical Foundation
    • Wholeness
    • Interdependence
    • Boundaries
    • Roles
    • Hierarchy
  • Relationship Status
  • Communication Style
  • Stressors and Strengths


Shown above, under “Theoretical Foundation”, you will need to conceptualize the couple using the listed concepts; Wholeness, Interdependence, Boundaries, Roles, and Hierarchy. These concepts should be level 2 headings (left-aligned and bold).

In writing the analysis, provide enough background on your theory to ensure that readers understand the theoretical foundation of your case study. ALL of the above concepts must be addressed.


APA citations are necessary for both in-text citations and the references page. An APA reference page is required, but does NOT count toward the 4 page length requirement. Four (4) pages is both the minimum and the maximum length. The paper should be double-spaced, 12 point font, in Times New Roman. The analysis should be written in essay format, not listed sentences; it should flow as a paper. A rubric and formatting example will be provided. This assignment will be submitted through Canvas using Turnitin.


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