Nursing Case Reading

Case  Reading

Mr. Jones is a 74-year-old client who was admitted to the hospital after a fall at his home. He has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. His symptoms include tremors of his hands, a shuffling gait, and slow movements. He has been started on the drug levodopa. He recovered from the injuries sustained in the fall and will be discharged home with a prescription for levodopa-carbidopa. The nurse is conducting discharge teaching with Mr. Jones and his wife.

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Nursing Case Reading
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  • A nurse is providing patient teaching to Mr. Jones and his family. The family inquires about the progression of Parkinson’s disease. What does the nurse tell the patient and family with regard to disease progression?
  • What should the nurse include in a teaching plan for safe administration of levodopa-carbidopa?
  • Jones is seen in his primary care physician’s office three months after discharge. What does the nurse assess to determine if the patient is receiving the therapeutic effects and if he is exhibiting adverse effects to the medication? What diagnostic tests would the nurse expect the physician to order?



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