Case Management In Human Services Practice

Post the two functions of case management that you consider most important, and explain why. Then, explain the two core values of person-centered planning that you find most critical in effective case management. Finally, identify one function of case management and one core value that you easily bring to the case management role, and one that you need to improve. Describe how you might develop your skills in this area.

These are some resources to use for this discussion:

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Case Management In Human Services Practice
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Go back and reread your posted description of a scene in But I’m a cheerleader. Your observations/description of the scene now constitutes your “artifact” or your ‘data” for analysis.

Select a concept or argument found in any of the required or recommended readings for this week and apply it to how YOU are reading this specific scene or to a broader set of storytelling choices in But I’m a cheerleader. (Be cognizant here of how your race, gender, and sexual orientation may be impacting how you read this film).

Demonstrate with examples in the film where specifically you see connections this concept. (where relevant you may Cut and paste from your earlier post here)

(You post should be 2 healthy paragraphs or approx. 200 words).

Lesbian Films: Alien No More


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