Career Motivation

Though this job was not ever intended to be a long-term position that I would

consider a career or career aspiration, working in such an environment and going

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Career Motivation
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through that experience showed me what I want and do not want in a future aspiring

career. It taught me that not only the work hours and pay incentives are important to

me, but that I feel like I belong in the workplace that I thrive in. As good as it made

me feel to be surrounded by people that were culturally similar to me, I also wanted to

work for a company that emphasizes respect and inclusivity for its employees. Just as

it is illegal for an employer to discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity,

religion, and other factors, I would want that same standard to be expected of all

employees working in the workplace.

I personally felt as if my workplace took too long to actually do anything

about the incident between my two coworkers, especially with how apparent it was

that discrimination and harassment was even happening in the first place. I would

want to work for a company that would notice these incidences happening and take

action to end it right away. This way, I know that the company truly cares about me

and my fellow coworkers, sticking and living by their corporate values and ensuring a

safe, inclusive, and ethical workplace is being upheld.

Individual-Focused Career Management

This particular incident taught me one critical lesson, which was that I should

focus not only on getting a job that has good pay, but also a work-life balance and

culture that I feel I fit in well with. Ultimately, I value feeling appreciated and

understood, being judged based on my character and personality than my physical

arbitrary attributes. The right workplace will value my efforts and see me as more

than my culture, race, and ethnicity. The right workplace will foster an environment

where every employee feels safe and included, where workplace discrimination is

practically nonexistent and is supported by management.

Working at Infineon Technologies’ factory setting may not have been the ideal

dream job for someone who has graduated from a University with a Bachelor’s

Degree, but it was certainly a stepping stone for me as I gained more experience and

insight into an industry I had never considered before. It also showed me that I did not

have to be like the coworker in question who got fired for inappropriate and toxic

workplace discrimination, and that I could be better than that. Everywhere I go, I am

bound to meet people who are not the friendliest and can make my life more difficult,

but if there is one thing I can keep in mind, it is that I can do anything that I set my

mind to. Most people I worked with at the clean room could not really improve their

situation given their educational background, but I had opportunities like this

Program that can set me apart from others.

In conclusion, I learned that, should a situation arise that I am a victim of a

scenario that is identical to that of my two former coworkers, I should not accept or

tolerate such behavior towards me, and that if the company I work for values me

enough, that they take action the moment I speak up about it.


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